How to Install Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem

The Infiniti Q50 LED emblem provides a modern, stylish upgrade over the standard emblem by illuminating with vibrant LED light. Installing this smart emblem upgrade is straightforward when following proper technique. This comprehensive guide covers purchasing the right emblem, preparing for installation, wiring and mounting the emblem cleanly, and troubleshooting issues – everything required for a smooth Infiniti Q50 LED emblem mod.

Overview of Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem Upgrade

The Infiniti Q50 LED emblem replaces the factory standard chrome emblem with an illuminated version. Benefits include:

  • Modern, eye-catching style accent
  • Bright LEDs visible at night
  • Plugs into OEM harness for simple install
  • Customizable via smartphone app
  • Durable epoxy fill prevents water damage

This upgrade works for all Infiniti Q50 and Q60 models 2014 and newer. It makes a subtler enhancement than larger exterior LED lights. Proper installation ensures the emblem lights up reliably for years.

Buying the Right Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem

When purchasing, consider these factors:

  • Dimension – Ensure the emblem replacement matches the factory part size and holes.
  • Light type – Select vibrant LEDs with good color temperature and brightness.
  • Housing – Choose an epoxy filled housing for durability. Avoid open board types.
  • Wiring – Plug and play harnesses make installation easiest.
  • App integration – Look for app control to customize lighting effects.
  • Reviews – Research company reputation and any fitment issues reported.

Opt for a model from a reputable brand made specifically for the Infiniti Q50 for best results. Verify dimensions and compatibility before purchasing.

Preparing for Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem Installation

Proper preparation is key to a smooth installation. Be sure to:

  • Review instructions and videos before starting.
  • Confirm kit contents, including emblem, wiring harness and tools.
  • Check condition of existing emblem for damage or missing studs.
  • Have trim removal tools to access emblem. Avoid forcing!
  • Clean mounting surface thoroughly to ensure good emblem adhesion.
  • Disconnect battery to disable electrical systems safely.
  • Park on level surface and engage parking brake.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and patience!

Taking the steps to prepare will make the job go quicker and prevent headaches down the road.

Removal of the Factory Standard Infiniti Emblem

Before installing the LED version, you’ll need to first remove the original emblem:

  1. Locate the emblem on the trunk or grille.
  2. Remove any emblems or badges blocking access behind the main one.
  3. Using plastic pry tools, gently release the emblem from the adhesive. Work slowly around the perimeter.
  4. Once freed, disconnect the factory harness from the rear studs. Make note of the pinout.
  5. Thoroughly clean any old adhesive residue from the body using isopropyl alcohol.
  6. Buff the mounting area with rubbing compound for optimal adhesion surface.

Take care not to crack or scratch the bodywork during removal and cleaning. Avoid damaging the harness wires.

Wiring and Connecting the Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem

Modern Infiniti emblems use a CAN Bus powered LED system. Follow these wiring steps:

  1. Examine the OEM harness and connect the new LED emblem harness lead that matches it. Ensure tight fitment and proper orientation.
  2. Route the wiring to avoid pinching during reinstallation. Use zip ties to secure.
  3. Find a suitable tapped circuit to connect the positive emblem wire lead. Often the license plate bolts or trunk latch bolt works.
  4. Connect the negative lead to a ground point in the trunk. Sand any paint around the ground point to establish contact.
  5. Secure all wire connections using quality crimp connectors or solder. Avoid loose joints.
  6. Test emblem illumination before mounting to verify wiring correctness. Adjust connections as needed.

Properly integrating the wiring ensures your new Infiniti emblem lights up strong and reliable.

Mounting the Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem

Once wiring is complete, adhere the emblem:

  1. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface again with alcohol or prep solvent.
  2. Test fit the emblem and mark its precise position with tape.
  3. Remove emblem backing to expose the adhesive. Avoid touching the sticky surface.
  4. Carefully align emblem over marks and press gently but firmly. Apply pressure evenly across the emblem.
  5. To ensure a strong bond, apply firm pressure for 60-90 seconds, especially around the edges.
  6. Reinstall any previously removed components like badges.

Taking extra time during mounting results in optimal emblem placement and adhesion. Avoid needing to reposition once engaged.

First Time Startup and Testing

Before driving, test emblem and verify:

  • Emblem is centered and straight
  • Adhesive is fully secured with no gaps, bubbles or lifting edges
  • LEDs activate correctly when vehicle starts
  • Wires are secured from snags and wear
  • Lights match app control selections
  • Brightness levels look aligned all around at low, medium and high

Carefully inspect the install inside and out. Make any adjustments needed to optimize operation and aesthetics before final reassembly.

Using the Smartphone App

The LED emblem connects to an app for lighting control:

  • Patterns – Select different motion patterns like pulsing or flashing.
  • Colors – Program single colors or cycle through color palettes.
  • Brightness – Adjust intensity levels for day vs night.
  • Music Sync – Sync colors and patterns to music.
  • Timer – Set schedules for on/off times.

Using the app allows customizing the LED emblem’s operation during driving or when parked. Create unique styles that express your personality.

Long Term Care and Maintenance

Keep your LED emblem looking its best by:

  • Periodically cleaning the lens surface gently with microfiber and water. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Checking that wiring remains neatly secured and undamaged. Repair any issues immediately.
  • Watching for emblem edges lifting or bubbling, indicating weakened adhesive. Re-adhere as needed.
  • Updating firmware when new versions are available. Back up settings first.
  • Monitoring LEDs for burnout. Although rare, replace any failed LED segment promptly.

With proper installation and reasonable care, the LED emblem will illuminate reliably for years before any servicing is required. Enjoy the added style!

Troubleshooting Infiniti Q50 LED Emblem Problems

IssuePotential CausesPossible Solutions
Emblem not lighting upLoose wiring connectionCheck wiring continuity and connections
Blown fuseInspect related fuses; replace any blown ones
Faulty groundSand ground point to chassis and retest
Emblem lights up inconsistentlyIntermittent wiring shortInspect wires for damage or shorts
App connectivity issueCheck Bluetooth pairing and reset if needed
Particular LED segment doesn’t lightIndividual LED failureReplace failed LED segment
LEDs flashing erraticallyLoose wiringCheck for insecure wires and connectors
Low voltageInspect power input connections; check voltage
Emblem adhesive liftingImproper installationThoroughly re-clean surface and re-apply emblem
Aging adhesiveCarefully remove emblem and use new adhesive kit

Diagnosing wiring and connectivity issues first can identify many problems. Reset components to factory state and upgrade firmware as needed.


The Infiniti Q50 LED emblem offers a straightforward yet dramatic upgrade. When sourced from a quality supplier and installed using proper technique, it reliably adds modern style and custom illumination. Taking time to understand the wiring principles, prepare the work area, and meticulously mount the emblem results in an OEM factory look. Integrating the app enables limitless lighting effects. With routine care, your LED emblem will stay brightly glowing for the long haul. Driving at night will never be the same again after experiencing the eye-catching brilliance of this simple upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does installing the LED emblem affect my Infiniti warranty?

A: No, installing just the emblem does not void any warranties, as long as no other systems are modified.

Q: Can I hardwire the emblem directly without the controller?

A: Not recommended. The controller integrates critical components like the Bluetooth receiver.

Q: Do I need programming or coding for the LED emblem to work?

A: No, the plug and play kit does not require any programming or coding. Simply connect to power.

Q: Is the LED emblem waterproof?

A: Yes, the epoxy fill makes it water resistant for car washing and rain. Avoid high pressure cleaning directly on the emblem.

Q: Does leaving the emblem on drain my Infiniti’s battery?

A: No. The emblem draws very little power and shuts off automatically whenever the car is off. It will not drain the battery.

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