How to Pair Monster LED Lights to Remote?

Monster Illuminessence LED lighting kits come with a remote control for easily changing colors, dimming, and activating effects. But before the remote can control your new Monster LED lights, you first need to pair them together. The pairing process synchronizes the remote with the LED controller so they can communicate wirelessly.

This comprehensive guide covers the pairing procedures for Monster LED ceiling lights, cabinets, strips, and underbed kits using the included IR or RF remote. Follow the step-by-step instructions to get your Monster LED lights and remote working in harmony for convenient, wireless control of your new ambient lighting system.

Overview of Monster LED Light Remote Controls

Monster LED lighting kits include either IR or RF style remotes:

  • IR remotes – Use infrared line-of-sight communication. Need to point at receiver. Shorter range.
  • RF remotes – Utilize radio frequency signals. No line-of-sight needed. Longer range.

The pairing process differs slightly between the two remote types. Refer to the packaging or remote to identify your specific model. Ensure fresh batteries are inserted before pairing.

Why Pair the Remote to Monster LED Lights?

  • Pairing synchronizes the remote control to the LED controller.
  • It establishes wireless communication between the two devices.
  • Only a paired remote can control the LED lights.
  • Pairing assigns a channel that prevents interference with other remotes/devices.
  • Allows controlling LED color, dimming, effects wirelessly from anywhere in range.

Without pairing, the included remote has no way to send commands to alter the Monster LED lighting as intended.

Pairing a Monster IR Infrared Remote

Monster LED kits with IR remotes use this pairing process:


  1. Insert 2 x AAA batteries in the IR remote.
  2. Turn on power to the LED lights at the control box.
  3. Press and hold the “ON” button on the remote.
  4. While holding “ON”, press the “OFF” button repeatedly.
  5. Keep holding “ON” and tapping “OFF” until LEDs flash. May take 20 or more presses.
  6. Once LEDs flash release buttons – pairing is complete.

Point the IR remote directly at the receiver throughout the pairing sequence. Repeat if unsuccessful at first.

IR Remote Tips

  • Ensure unobstructed line-of-sight to IR receiver on lights.
  • Move closer to lights and angle remote towards receiver if needed.
  • Replace batteries if low battery is suspected – this can cause pairing issues.
  • Pair in a quiet environment without other competing IR signals.

With some patience, the IR Monster LED remote can be paired using this press and hold method. Then enjoy wireless control!

Pairing a Monster RF Remote

Monster LED kits with RF remotes use a different pairing method:


  1. Insert 12V A23 battery in RF remote.
  2. Locate small pairing button on the LED controller box.
  3. Press and HOLD pairing button for 5+ seconds until LEDs flash once.
  4. Press and HOLD the “ON” button on the remote for 3+ seconds.
  5. Once LEDs flash twice, release “ON” button – paired!

No need to aim the RF remote – it communicates wirelessly in any direction.

RF Remote Tips

  • Keep remote within 15 feet of lights during pairing.
  • Press and hold buttons firmly until lights indicate successful pairing.
  • The pairing button may be labeled “Reset” or “Learn” on some versions.
  • Repeat pairing process if unresponsive. Check battery if issues.

The key with the RF remote is quickly pressing the two buttons within a short time period for synchronization.

Re-Pairing the Monster LED Remote

If remote becomes unresponsive, you may need to re-pair it:

  1. Return LED lights to factory default state by pressing the pairing button for 10+ seconds until lights flash.
  2. Insert fresh batteries in the remote.
  3. Follow initial pairing steps again to re-establish connection.
  4. Test remote function and if successful, recreate desired lighting scenes and settings.

Re-pairing syncs the remote to the lights again, resolving most unresponsiveness issues.

Using Multiple Remotes with Monster LED Kits

  • Monster LEDs can be paired to multiple remotes for shared control.
  • Each remote must be paired in sequence following the normal process.
  • Multiple paired remotes will operate on the same channel without interference.
  • No limit to the number of remotes that can be paired.

Allowing several remotes to pair with the lights lets multiple users conveniently control lighting effects.

Troubleshooting Monster LED Remote Pairing

IssuePotential CauseSolution
Remote won’t pairWrong modeEnsure lights are in pairing mode
Low remote batteryTry with brand new batteries
Remote works erraticallyRemote too far awayMove closer to lights during operation
Remote channel changedRe-pair on correct channel
Competing remotesOnly use one remote at a time
Some lights not respondingRemote paired to only some lightsRe-pair to reset all lights to defaults
Lights unresponsiveDesynchronized remoteRe-pair remote using reset procedure

If issues persist, contact Monster customer support. They can provide additional troubleshooting help.

Using Monster LED Control Box Buttons

If remote pairing fails or isn’t desired, Monster LEDs can be operated via the buttons on the control box:

  • Press Power button to toggle LEDs on/off
  • Press Mode button to cycle through lighting effects
  • Press Brightness buttons to adjust intensity up/down
  • Press Color buttons to alter hue and effects

The hard buttons offer an alternative way to control basic LED functions without the remote.

Resetting the Monster LED Lights

If LEDs exhibit erratic behavior, reset using the pinhole button on the control box:

  1. Locate tiny reset button next to power cord.
  2. Use a paperclip to press and hold the reset button for 5+ seconds.
  3. Lights will flash a few times when reset is complete.

Resetting clears any faulty settings or codes and restores lights to original out-of-box condition. You’ll need to re-pair the remote after resetting.

Safety Tips for Monster LED Installation

Exercise caution when installing Monster LED lights:

  • Turn off electricity at circuit breaker before wiring lights.
  • Use insulated tools and wear eye protection when handling wires.
  • Take care not to pinch or damage wires during installation.
  • Ensure no exposed conductors if shortening wires.
  • Follow all local electrical codes for permanent low voltage lighting.
  • Mount lights securely using provided hardware.
  • Avoid looking directly into LEDs or shining into eyes.

Observing basic electrical safety precautions prevents hazards from electrical shocks, shorts, or falls when working with LED installs.


Controlling your new Monster LED lighting kits is made simple by properly pairing the included IR or RF remote. Following the synchronization process specific to your remote type ensures it can communicate with the LED controller. Always remember to pair each additional remote you want connected to the system. With remotes and LEDs happily paired, you’ll enjoy the convenience of adjusting ambiance from anywhere in the room. Troubleshoot any issues using timeout resets and fresh batteries. Go forth and cast your Monster LEDs in any color using your now-connected remote!

FAQs About Monster LED Light Remote Pairing

Q: How far can the RF remote work from the LEDs?

A: Approximately 15-25 feet depending on obstructions. The remote must be in range during pairing.

Q: Can the remote control multiple Monster LED installations?

A: No, the remote can only be paired to one LED system at a time.

Q: Do I need to re-pair if changing LED strip connections?

A: No need to re-pair as long as the LED controller location remains unchanged.

Q: Can the buttons on the LED control box change colors?

A: No, the control box buttons only handle on/off, modes, and brightness. The remote is required to change colors.

Q: Do Monster LEDs come with only an IR or RF remote?

A: Kits will include either IR or RF remote, but not both. Check product details to verify which is included.

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