How to Reset Govee LED Lights?

Govee manufactures a wide range of smart LED lighting products that can be controlled via smartphone apps and voice assistants. Like any gadget, connectivity issues may arise that require resetting the lights to restore normal operation. Resetting resets the microcontroller, clears any faulty code, and re-establishes the Wi-Fi connection. This comprehensive guide covers simple button resets, using the circuit breaker, factory resets, and other troubleshooting techniques to get your Govee LED lights back up and running.

Why Reset Your Govee LED Lights

Typical reasons for completing a reset include:

  • Lights become unresponsive or freeze
  • App cannot find or control lights
  • Lights won’t complete Wi-Fi setup
  • Errors like failed firmware updates
  • Sync issues between lights and app
  • Preparing lights for a new Wi-Fi network

Resetting lights when they exhibit strange behavior or won’t connect allows the microchips to clear any glitches and start fresh.

Preparing to Reset Govee LED Lights

Before beginning the reset process:

  • Note current light settings to reprogram later if needed.
  • Ensure phone/tablet is connected to same Wi-Fi network as lights. Disable cellular data.
  • Check Wi-Fi router security. Some models don’t support certain lighting protocols.
  • Update Govee app and phone operating system to latest version.
  • Check Govee app notifications for firmware update requests before resetting.
  • For Wi-Fi reset, have Wi-Fi password handy to reconnect lights.

Taking these preparatory steps eliminates common connectivity issues before resetting lights themselves.

Method 1 – Resetting Govee Lights with the Reset Button

Most Govee LED products include a small recessed reset button:


  1. Locate the reset button on the LED light or control box. It is often labeled.
  2. Press and hold the reset button continuously using a pin or paperclip until lights flash. Depending on model, flashing may occur after just 5 seconds or up to 20 seconds of holding. Do not release the button prematurely.
  3. Once lights flash, release the reset button. The reset is now complete.
  4. Reconnect lights to Wi-Fi and app using normal setup if Wi-Fi enabled.

Using the manual reset button is the fastest way to reset stubborn lights and often resolves common connectivity problems.

Method 2 – Reset Govee Lights via Electrical Breaker

Toggling the power circuit breaker accomplishes a hard reset:


  1. Locate the breaker controlling power to the Govee lights.
  2. Flip the breaker fully to the OFF position.
  3. Wait a minimum of 10-15 seconds. This allows lights to fully discharge.
  4. Switch the breaker back ON to restore power.
  5. Lights will reinitialize and return to factory out-of-box state. Redo Wi-Fi connectivity if needed.

Use the breaker method if the reset button fails. Cycling full power forces lights to restart correctly.

Performing a Factory Reset on Govee Lights

Factory reset erases all user settings and resets to default:

Via Govee Home App

  1. Open Govee Home app and select the target lights.
  2. Tap the triple dot icon in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Device Settings > Factory Reset
  4. Tap Confirm on prompt to complete reset.

Via Control Box

  1. Press and hold the power button on the control box for 20+ seconds until lights flash rapidly.
  2. Once flashing stops, release power button. Factory reset is complete.

Factory reset is useful if experiencing glitches in existing settings. Wi-Fi will need to be reconfigured.

Resetting the Wi-Fi Connection on Govee Lights

To reset Wi-Fi connectivity:

  1. Factory reset the Govee lights first via one of the above methods.
  2. power cycle lights at the switch or unplug and plug back in.
  3. Reopen the Govee Home app. It will walk through wifi setup again.
  4. Connect lights to the desired new Wi-Fi network and enter password when prompted.

Reset Wi-Fi when changing networks or troubleshooting connectivity issues. Routinely update Wi-Fi passwords.

Troubleshooting Govee Light Reset Issues

ProblemPotential Solutions
Lights unresponsive after resetHard power cycle lights, test different reset methods
App doesn’t locate lightsDisable cellular data, connect phone to same Wi-Fi as lights
Resets don’t resolve problemContact Govee support, may need replacement
Lights constantly disconnectCheck Wi-Fi signal strength at light location, move router closer
App cannot control single lightDelete light from app and re-add via pairing process

If general troubleshooting fails to resolve connectivity problems, carefully perform resets to pinpoint the culprit.

Resetting Different Govee LED Light Models

Light TypeReset MethodReset Time
H6001/H6002 Wi-Fi StripApp or power cycle5 sec press
H6051/H6052 Wi-Fi StripPinhole button10 sec hold
H6104/H6105 Wi-Fi StripApp or power cycle5 sec press
H6117 Wi-Fi StripPinhole button5 sec hold
H6148 Wi-Fi StripPower cycle10 sec
H6178/H6179 Wi-Fi StripApp or power cycle20 sec hold
A19/BR30 BulbPower cycleInstant
CL201 Color Flow BarPower cycleInstant
DW6610 Ring LightAppInstant

Consult individual product manuals for specific reset instructions. Smart bulbs and lights may require full power cycle.


Resetting is a useful troubleshooting technique for Govee smart LED lights that suddenly stop responding or fail to connect properly. Using the small reset buttons, cycling power, or performing a factory reset via the app often resolve common connectivity glitches. Just take care to reconfigure critical settings like Wi-Fi after resets. With lights returned to their default state, issues can usually be eliminated. Consult Govee support if problems persist after resets. Used judiciously, resetting your Govee LED lights keeps them working reliably and connected for app and voice control enjoyment.

FAQs About Resetting Govee LED Lights

Q – Why does my Govee light have two reset buttons?

A – One button resets Wi-Fi while the other is a factory reset that erases all settings.

Q – Do I need to reconfigure lights after a reset?

A – Yes, Wi-Fi settings and customizations will need to be redone after resets.

Q – Should I reset if lights are working normally?

A – No need. Only reset to resolve technical issues or connectivity problems.

**Q – Does resetting affect any linked Alexa or Google Home setup?

A – Yes, you’ll have to rediscover and pair the devices after resetting.

Q – How can I backup Govee light settings before resetting?

A – Currently settings cannot be backed up. Take photos or note colors/modes to later recreate scenes.

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